Answered By: Joe Sheppard
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Yes! The NHCPL Main Library, especially the North Carolina Room, a terrific hangout for the dead and the living, considerably contributes as a haunted place of spectral activity and disembodied spirits or prankster phantoms roaming the shelves. A few paranormal investigative organizations have attempted phenomena purported studies in the Library, only for them to suffer bad luck, illness and death, a proverbial "curse of Men-her-Ra's tomb," a belief which, by-the-way, is contrary to all ancient Egyptian creed and thought.

Witnesses claim, the three Library ghosts, described in order as an older female figure; an elder bearded man in late 19th Century clothing; and the rarely seen of all three, a young man, who stands on the opposite side of your tall book aisle. Reports claim they unplug vacuum cleaners, turn off and on microfilm readers, open locked file cabinets drawers, leave out one particular book, make footfall shuffling on the carpets. Also they make general noises attributed to regular library users, such as, pages turning in books or someone working nearby, and silently call out library staff person's names, only to exacerbate staff members in discovering nobody there!

The odd noises and bumps in the evening hours, attributed to the Library ghosts, could just as practically be explained as echoes from other busy parts of the old Belk-Beery department store building, settling infrastructure, rumbling passerby semi-trucks, or manifested imagination. Regardless of any scientific explanation many believe the Main Library is haunted. Which leads to the philosophical question before ghost hunting the Library and investigating for yourself, what exactly is a ghost? Or, for more entertaining debate, do our Library Ghosts Believe in People?

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