Answered By: Hannah Bowser
Last Updated: Jun 14, 2017     Views: 486

What this means:

  • Our eBook vendor has imposed a technical limit on the number of checkouts and returns that can be done by an individual customer in a certain period of time. The vendor does not make public the details of the limit or the period of time before a limited account is released.

The intention of this limit is to prevent the possible abuse of the system that could occur with someone checking out a title, transferring it to a device, returning it to the library without deleting the file from the device, checking out another title and repeating, thus allowing more than 5 titles to be on their device at the same time.

  • Unfortunately, this limit can also have the unintended effect of penalizing someone who is simply a speedy reader, and wants to return titles early so that others can enjoy them. 
    • We recommend waiting 72 hours after checking out before returning an eBook to avoid getting this error.
    • For very speedy readers, simply avoid the download and use the READ IN BROWSER option

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